London's Ghost Stations: Mapped

By Geoff Marshall Last edited 92 months ago

Last Updated 28 September 2016

London's Ghost Stations: Mapped
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A while ago, Us vs Th3m published a much-shared alternative tube map showing abandoned (or 'ghost') stations on the London Underground, put together by Dylan Maryk. Our resident transport geek and Tube Challenge record holder Geoff Marshall was working on something similar, and has now put together a simpler version that corrects a few errors and adds on surface buildings that you can still see, like the former Hyde Park Corner entrance. See the key in the bottom-right corner for more details.

Although treading similar ground to that previous map, we thought it was good enough to be worth sharing here. (It's also drawn from scratch, to avoid potential breach-of-copyright problems.)

With assistance from Ben Pedroche, author of Do Not Alight Here.

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