London's Top Tweeters

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London's Top Tweeters

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We all have our favourite sources for London news, travel alerts, restaurant reviews and the like, but when it comes to general London life you'd be forgiven for assuming @Londonist is the only Twitter feed you need to have any interest in. It turns out that there are others who tweet about London with as much passion as ourselves – here is a selection of the finest London tweeters offering facts and information, historical snippets and a healthy dose of irreverence.

London Pubs @londonpubs
How could we not start with a Twitter feed about London's pubs? Recommendations, news and reviews of the capital's best boozers is what they claim to provide, and a damn fine job they make of it too.

TLF Travel Alerts @TlfTravelAlerts
No, not TFL. Sporadic travel alerts and for the busy Londoner on the go, plus philosophy.

Lee Jackson @VictorianLondon
With a focus on the Victorian age and a magnificent Twitter avatar, Lee links us back beautifully to a bygone age with pictures, lost facts and a healthy dose of humour.

London Historians @LondonHistorian
The city's foremost historical association. A fine collector of intriguing facts about the history of good (and bad) old London.

Shit London @shitlondon
Tough to admit, but not everything about London is rosy. Sometimes, it's shit. This collects unfortunate news and pictures sent in by disgruntled Londoners for the gallows-based hilarity of the rest of us.

Peter Stone @LondonStone
A Londoner who writes and tweets about the city he loves, interesting facts interspersed with musings on London life. We suspect he is quite pleased to have secured his particularly fitting Twitter handle.

Cockney Rhyming @CockneyRhyming
Keeping alive the bewildering language of the city, while suggesting a few new rhymes to add to the lexicon. "Gordon Bennett, we was elephant's last night. I must have spent a bullseye, I'm boracic. It's all come on top, the trouble's gonna go radio rental." Sorry.

Jonathan Main @booksellercrow
Sarcasm and wit from the owner of a fine Crystal Palace book shop. Some of the strangest things to happen in all of London, it turns out, happen in book shops (@WstonesOxfordSt is similarly unlikely). For some reason he's lately been invaded by politicians. Or rather, his shop has.

Hidden London @hidden_london
Sometimes we are blind to our surroundings, ignoring the weird and wonderful in front of our very eyes. That's where Hidden London comes in, to explain that what we're looking at is not just an old lamp post, but an old lamp post on which Dickens' dog once took a leak.

GusTheFox @GusTheFox
Gus would be downright livid at that Hidden London tweet. The improbable adventures of a foul-mouthed inner-city fox, no less. What would you do if you were a fox roaming the streets of London scavenging for dinner? Tweet about it, obviously.

Who else deserves a shout as one of London's top tweeters? Let us have your favourite follows in the comments.

Photo by M@ from the Londonist Flickr pool.

Last Updated 11 December 2013