London Britannia Airport Plans: In Pictures

By BethPH Last edited 54 months ago
London Britannia Airport Plans: In Pictures

The plans for the proposed London Britannia Airport in the Thames estuary were revealed yesterday. It's all rather space-age and snazzy and we're pleased to see a docking station provided for flying saucers. Here are a few of the pictures.


Last Updated 12 November 2013


Too far

Mark Walley

It's brilliant. So brilliant in fact, that it doesn't need to worry about global warming, storms and seasonal high-tides, and even slightly bigger than average waves. I only hope I'm alive long enough to go on scuba diving tours of it.


So sexy. But we have to call it BoJo International.


airport is exactly what the UK does NOT need. Stay out of the're not welcome!


Simply the best news for London. Close Heathrow remove the noise and pollution, Heathrow will provide vital housing land needed for London.

A new 24 hour airport and more domestic and international choice in flights and room to accept new operators to expand access to new terrain.

Under 20 minutes by rail between London terminal and runways in Thames.

Sounds perfect, soon will be....