Estuary Airport Design Unveiled - Again

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Estuary Airport Design Unveiled - Again

estuaryPlans for a six-runway airport in the Thames Estuary will be revealed today. If you're wondering why this sounds a bit familiar, that's because plans were also unveiled two years ago.

The proposed airport formerly known as Boris Island now has a new name — London Britannia Airport — presumably to match all the other London-monikered airports. It was one of three proposals outlined earlier this year.

It's unlikely to be any more popular than the previous iterations and Boris Johnson's increasing insistence that the south east is desperately in need of more airport capacity has brought some unusual suggestions. In July, the mayor proposed demolishing Heathrow and replacing it with a garden city or a new royal borough.

A further spanner in the works has come in the shape of a £4.4bn gas deal between Centrica and Qatargas which would involve three million tonnes of liquefied natural gas being stored on the Isle of Grain, one of the previously-proposed sites for an estuary airport.

Photo by Ania Mendrek in the Londonist Flickr pool.

Last Updated 11 November 2013


The *only* way London will keep up with the rest of the world is if they build an estuary airport. Heathrow has limited expansion...duh. As the (utterly pointless) HS2 budget spirals out of control - now £10.6million over the original £58.7million - you have to wonder why, in the name of all that is common sense, they didn't invest it in a new Thames-based airport instead.

Ben J

Estuary airport is exactly what the UK does NOT need. Stay out of the're not welcome!

Andy Brice

I get that for some flights, large hub airports are necessary. But when airlines say we "need" to consolidate nearly all London's flights into one giant airport, it's mainly just to make their business model more lucrative.

I vote we change the structure of air taxes to reflect the disruption caused by flight paths, making it more economical to continue operating a number of smaller airports around London.


It looks amazing, should definitely build it


I think I still prefer the option on the Isle of Grain, as it's not as far out from London, and also quite close to the new shipping port. What's the most interesting about this, however, is that the airport could largely pay for itself. £45 billion real estate value of the freed up land at Heathrow. Of course, the government has to buy it first, but it's still a large chunk covered...and this is all before the "off the books" economic benefits kick in, which will be substantial also.