Tower Of London Ravens Killed By Fox

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Tower Of London Ravens Killed By Fox


In a close shave for our nation, it has emerged that two of the Tower's eight ravens have been killed by a fox. Tradition states that if the ravens should die or disappear then the Tower, and perhaps the Kingdom itself, shall fall.

The pair of corvids, known as Jubilee and Gripp, were taken in May, but have since been replaced by newbie ravens and given the same names. Historic Royal Palaces will now install improved accommodation for the birds, costing tens of thousands of pounds. The work will take place over winter and be ready for the spring.

The Tower is not the only London institution to have suffered a fox attack. In 2010, London Zoo lost 11 penguins to a vulpine intruder.

A violent storm and reports of raven deaths within 48 hours? Interesting times for anyone who believes in ill-omens and portents of doom.

Photo by Mikepaws in the Londonist Flickr pool.

Last Updated 28 October 2013