The Lost Lectures Return, With Ruby Wax In A Boxing Ring

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The Lost Lectures Return, With Ruby Wax In A Boxing Ring

A previous Lost Lectures, in an abandoned German swimming pool.

Ever been to The Lost Lectures? The premise is simple but effective: assemble the most interesting speakers possible in the most unusual venue possible.

The next bouts take place on Friday 22 November and Saturday 23 November. The location? An undisclosed boxing ring, somewhere in London... only ticket holders will find out where.

This season's line-up sounds like the best yet:

Saturday 22 November

Hadyn Parry: His company, Oxitec, is attempting to rid the world of malaria by genetically modifying male mosquitos so that their offspring don't survive.

Susie Bubble: One time editor of Dazed Digital, she now works predominantly on her blog, Style Bubble, which has developed an epic following.

Caroline Criado-Perez: One of the UK's leading feminists and the person who convinced the Bank of England to put a woman on the face of British currency — and suffered a torrent of abuse as a result.

James Freedman: A renowned pickpocket and illusionist, whose talents have been sought by Scotland Yard.

Jasper Gibson: Editor of The Poke

Reeps One: One of the biggest performers in the international beatbox scene and pioneer in the art of vocal percussion.

Sunday 23 November

Ruby Wax: Her off of the TV, with a dazzling CV that includes presenting, standup, and acting as senior script editor for Absolutely Fabulous. Recently, she's been campaigning against the way mental health is mishandled by society, the topic of her talk tonight.

Lauren Pears: In a few weeks time, Lauren will open the doors to Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium, the UK's first ever cat cafe.

Simon Baron Cohen: A Cambridge professor whose early theory of 'mind blindness' has changed the way many understand the disability and paved the way for subsequent breakthroughs. The talk leads up to the release of his new book Zero Degrees of Empathy about human empathy.

Paul Steele: Also known as the 'bald hiker', Paul shot to fame in 2008 after climbing mount Kiliamnajaro in a bid to shed weight. He's now an influential travel writer.

Tim Woolgar: A proponent of Chess Boxing, Tim will explain the background to the sport and how it works, before giving a demonstration battle of wits and brawn.

Plus one extra Lost Speaker, yet to be revealed.

The evenings will also include live music, rap battles, art installations, colourful characters and 'interactive elements'. Tickets are on sale now from £30.

Last Updated 31 October 2013