Waltham Forest Wins Backing For Spitting Fines

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Waltham Forest Wins Backing For Spitting Fines

no spittingWaltham Forest council has won backing for its bid to introduce fines for spitting in the street.

The local authority introduced the on-the-spot fines earlier this year but with two successful prosecutions under their belt, the way is paved (and hopefully spit-free) for future penalties against anti-social gobbers. Waltham Forest councillor Clyde Loakes said:

Residents have told us that they are concerned about this and want the council to do something. It's not just spitting, its urinating in public as well.

These two kind of anti-social, enviro-crime issues need to be tackled, so we have come forward with the proposition that we will treat urinating in public and spitting as waste and will push hard to enforce fixed penalty notices on those we manage to catch.

As always, the devil is in the detail and the final line of councillor Loakes' statement suggests that even Waltham Forest thinks catching the spitters in the first place might be easier said than done.

Hounslow and Enfield councils are also looking at introducing fines for spitting.

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Last Updated 24 September 2013