Sherlock Phone-Box Shrine Desecrated

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Sherlock Phone-Box Shrine Desecrated


One of London's most cherished fan sites has been stripped bare. A red phone box next to St Bart's Hospital had become an impromptu shrine to Sherlock Holmes, following the second series Sherlock finale in which the detective seemingly fell to his death from the hospital roof. Fans of the series left cards, ribbons, graffiti and other mementos to their hero. Watson and Moriarty also attracted tributes.

But a cultural vandal has now removed most of the messages. The naked phone box is bereft of its individuality. We were tempted to make enquiries of the City of London Corporation, to see if it is was the perpetrator...but we'd rather leave the mystery dangling for any sleuthing readers to solve.

The absence of messages is unlikely to last long. A fresh note has already appeared inside the box, cunningly tethered by means of an adhesive plaster. Fan buzz is sure to grow further in anticipation of the third series, currently filming around London and elsewhere.


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Last Updated 14 September 2013