Selfridges Suspends Employee Who Refused To Serve EDL Leader's Friend

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Selfridges Suspends Employee Who Refused To Serve EDL Leader's Friend

Screen shot 2013-09-18 at 09.13.54A shop assistant at Selfridges has been suspended after he refused to serve a friend of English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson. According to Robinson, who filmed part of the incident, the menswear assistant said "Fuck off, I'm not serving you" after establishing that the customer was with the EDL leader. The assistant was suspended; Selfridges apologised to Robinson and his friend by treating them to a slap-up meal at Hix.

The incident is sparking a clamour on Twitter and elsewhere. The vast majority of people decry the shop's actions and support the suspended employee for making a stand against an associate of the EDL, an organisation whose members often indulge in racist behaviour. A small number of tweeters believe Selfridges was in the right to take action, and that its staff should not make judgment calls about beliefs or politics. Follow hashtag #Selfridges to get the latest.

Last Updated 18 September 2013


Yes, I understand the concept of treating all customers fairly etc etc etc. But having previously worked for a large company myself, I was made to understand (very clearly) that if ever I should face a customer that left me feeling the slightest bit uncomfortable or intimidated, I would have the right to refuse service (which would then be passed onto my manager etc.). Infact, many of my friends agreed with me, with their experiences of the workplace. This is a policy to 'protect' your staff.

If I was to serve Tommy Robinson, or anyone alongisde him, I would feel greatly uncomfortable, even though I'm not a Muslim. I'm not sure what religion this staff member follows, but Tommy Robinson believes the staff who served him is a Muslim (as quoted from other sources). I can't imagine how uncomfortable this staff member must have felt having to face Tommy Robinson - a man who has freely and truly expressed his hate and agression towards this staff member's religion.

Fair play to this bloke and Selfridges should be ashamed for not protecting their staff.