London Stories: Explore Candle-lit Rooms, Discuss London Life

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London Stories: Explore Candle-lit Rooms, Discuss London Life


How many people do we pass every day? What stories do they carry? There's rarely enough time or a good enough reason to find out. But a new production at Battersea Arts Centre aims to change that. London Stories is a 95 minute 1-on-1-on-1 theatrical experience where you get paired up with another audience member, and sent off to explore a warren of candle-lit rooms, each containing a Londoner with a story to tell.

From the amusing to the inspiring and even some bizarre anecdotes, these are all real-life stories told by the people who have lived them. To add some fizz, you'll be paired with different audience members throughout the evening, thereby increasing the sense of sharing these intimate encounters with strangers.

All performers were recruited through a public call-out, ensuring a curated selection of true stories by Londoners from across the city. And in what is an interesting blurring of the boundaries between real life and theatre, this seems like a great opportunity to get under the skin of London in a way that could be both unpredictably random and inspiring. You might even make a new friend.

London Stories runs at Battersea Arts Centre from 16-28 September. Tickets £9-£15.

By Gillian Da Costa

Last Updated 11 September 2013