Breaking Bad: The Pub Quiz

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Breaking Bad: The Pub Quiz

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The Monarch bar in Camden Town has hit on a winning formula. Identify TV's biggest cult followings and organise suitably themed pub quizzes. The recent Doctor Who and Game of Thrones quizzes were instant sell outs. The next trick up their sleeve is a Breaking Bad quiz. You could say there's meth in the madness.

As Peter Griffin found on a recent episode of Family Guy, there isn't really any such series as Breaking Bad. If you tune in or watch the DVDs, you're simply presented with a hypnotic voice imploring you to "Tell all your friends how Breaking Bad is the best TV series ever, except for maybe The Wire. Talk about nothing else except Breaking Bad". Most of our friends have been affected.

Nevertheless, the quiz is scheduled for 1 October 2013, 7.30pm. We're telling you about it now, before it's even on The Monarch's website, as their last few quizzes have sold out within hours. To book your team (max 6 people), email It's £2 each, with cash prizes.

Last Updated 03 September 2013