Videos Show Methods Pickpockets Use

Rachel Holdsworth
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Videos Show Methods Pickpockets Use


New videos from the British Transport Police show various methods pickpockets use to nab your stuff.

While crime across the network has fallen in general, thefts of phones and devices like iPads, MP3 players and Kindles are on the rise; not surprising when you compare the value of what we carry around each day to a few years ago. We've watched the films (see one below) and now, apart from reminders of standard advice like fasten your damn bags, we're a bit paranoid about those people who can never get their Oyster cards to work at the ticket gate. And of course, don't forget about the good old non-tube-based 'having stuff nicked out of your hands by someone on a bike', as one of our own number found out yesterday.

There's also news that since the launch of Project Guardian last month, which aims to encourage women to report sexual harassment and assault on public transport, complaints have increased 30% and arrests are up 17% on this time last year. The BTP trained 2,000 officers in handling sexual offences, bringing in groups like Everyday Sexism and Hollaback to help draft guidelines.

Police are appealing for information about two recent incidents: maybe you know these, er gentlemen? One is wanted for questioning over touching a woman inappropriately on a train from Waterloo on 12 July, while another allegedly exposed himself on a Metropolitan line train between Liverpool Street and Great Portland Street on 6 August and performed what's described as "an indecent act".

Photo by sinister pictures from the Londonist Flickr pool

Last Updated 15 August 2013


I'm ALWAYS leaving the main compartment of my bag open. I'm not sure what kind of weird mental block I have, but I do it almost every day. Thieves would do well to follow me around, waiting for the right moment. Thing is, their 'easy dip' will only be rewarded with a dog-eared novel, or a handful of mashed up chewy sweets, which seem to have formed a colony in the bottom of my bag.


On several occasions I've seen someone asleep on the tube, bag wide open, iPad/laptop sticking out the top or phone on the seat next to them. I usually try and wake them up to tell them.

sinister dexter

Having minimal staff on public transport will only improve this sort of thing no?