Book Review: Do Not Alight Here By Ben Pedroche

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Book Review: Do Not Alight Here By Ben Pedroche

If the recent tours of Aldwych Tube station whetted your appetite for vanished transport infrastructure, this new book should definitely be on your Christmas wishlist. Do Not Alight Here by Ben Pedroche not only highlight's London's disused stations, it also strings them together into 12 self-guided walks.

Camden turns out to be particularly replete, with two and a half chapters charting the deleted Tube stations, forgotten deep-level shelters and abandoned mainlines. Other walks tackle the vanished Northern Heights railway, the bygone rail glory of Crystal Palace, the Docklands palimpsest and the many ghost stations of Southwark and the London Bridge viaduct. A final section suggests a number of train journeys from which you'll be able to glimpse crumbling platforms and station remnants.

This pocket-sized book is designed for reading on the road (or rail), with clear directions and plenty of original colour photos to help you identify the locations. It's an absolute must-purchase for anyone with an interest in London's transport history. Even the most dogged urban explorer will discover a few surprises (Globe Road station, anyone?).

Do Not Alight Here by Ben Pedroche is out on 5 December from Capital History. Buy it here. Follow on Facebook.

Ben will talk about his book at London Transport Museum on Saturday 3 December at 2pm.

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