"Can I Shoot And Serve A Seagull?"

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"Can I Shoot And Serve A Seagull?"

seagullThere's nothing like working in customer services for pretty much any public body to remind us how batshit crazy the general public can be. To that end, Westminster council has shared some of its favourite queries.

  • A woman who had purchased a ‘designer’ handbag for £10 from a market stall and wanted to complain to trading standards as she thought it might be fake.
  • A man demanding that the council remove all porn from the internet. We think he may want to re-address his request to David Cameron.
  • A woman who was unsure how old she was and a man who wanted to know what the 's' in 'Mrs' stood for.
  • A man who complained that his local supermarket had run out of apples and wanted to know where to buy them instead.
  • A woman who wanted the council to locate a foot clinic for which she didn't know the name or address.

And our personal favourite:

  • A man wanting to know whether it was OK to shoot and serve a seagull to customers in his restaurant.

Melvyn Caplan, from the council, said:

"We are in the process of offering more of our customer services online to give our residents better value for money and more information on what the council provides and what we can do."

We suspect that if someone goes as far as calling the council to find out their own age then an online service is unlikely to help, but it's the thought that counts. And we're making a mental note to avoid any restaurant in Westminster with avians of unspecified species on the menu.

Photo by Anna J in the Londonist Flickr pool.

Last Updated 14 August 2013