Sample The World At Streatham Food Festival

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 126 months ago
Sample The World At Streatham Food Festival


Streatham's Food Festival is on this weekend, with some inventive and interesting opportunities to try new ways to eat and cook.

You can tour the world without leaving Lambeth borough on Friday night and all day Saturday. More than 20 restaurants (PDF) clustered along Streatham High Road are offering small dishes for £2-£5; grab a scorecard from one of the Tour Guides (look out for people in Food Festival hats and aprons) and ask them about the prize draw. We think this is a fantastic way to sample a load of local eateries without breaking the bank or worrying you'll be stuck somewhere you don't like all evening. More projects like this all over London, please!

On Saturday night you can enjoy a three course veggie feast, all created from waste food, in Streatham Stables at The White Lion. See what can be done with bits and bobs left over from local businesses and raise money for Brixton People's Kitchen and Music4Children. Tickets cost £15 a head.

If you're interested in leftovers, check out the free Caribbean Foodtruly workshop during Saturday's Good Food Day – there are plenty of other workshops and drop-in sessions, mostly free. You can also find out what's ready to eat in the garden with another free workshop on Sunday.

For other things to enjoy on Sunday, try browsing the Food Fair on Streatham Green before filling up with Sarah Moore's supperclub at Boyce da Roca.

Streatham Food Festival runs 16-18 August at venues across Streatham. Many events are free but some need prebooking, see website for more details. Photo from last year's festival by Ben Carpenter.

Last Updated 15 August 2013