Sample New Music & Sound Experiences

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Last Updated 21 August 2013

Sample New Music & Sound Experiences

Credit: Sebastien Dehesdin

Over the next three months we're partnering with Sound and Music, the national agency for new music, to bring new audiences to some intriguingly creative events.

Contemporary music and sound art events take place in London every night of the week. Sound and Music publish The Sampler to list all that is going on, including sound installations, club nights, improvisation, electronica, audiovisual jazz, gigs with bizarre instruments, and even media sabotage...potentially quite bewildering for the average culture seeker not immersed in the experimental scene.

However, behind the difficult descriptions lie some unique nights out in London. Events can take place in site-specific or non-traditional venues and often take inspiration from sources of geeky interest be it science, space, technology or time – or just some heavy, heavy sounds. Whatever the results, working out what is going on can be rewarding.

We want your help to demystify this stuff. Together with The Sampler we have handpicked a series of events happening in September, October and November. For each, we will recruit a few Londonist readers to attend in the company of a passionate expert, and then feed-back to us for an honest reader-led review.

Interested in making the esoteric accessible for your fellow Londonist readers? Watch out for the call for September events before the end of the week, or express your interest in getting involved now by emailing [email protected], subject line SOUND AND MUSIC.