London Dating: Toilets, Art, Community Spirit & Beer

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London Dating: Toilets, Art, Community Spirit & Beer

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Take the Loo Tour

Where better to enjoy the first flushes of love than in a public toilet? Quirky, cultural and certainly unique, The London Loo Tour takes you around London's top toilet spots and makes a trip to the bathroom together a legitimate first date voyage. You can pick up a drink at each location and learn about the history, politics and trivia surrounding London's loos. Plus, think of all the brilliant toilet puns you can make to impress — you don't want those to go down the pan/sink without a trace/get lost in the pipeline.

Interact With Contemporary Art

A new exhibition at the top of the Saatchi Gallery allows you to interact with boundary-pushing art, waving your hands around in front of a projector of crawling inside a big red ball. Contemporary art can be challenging but exploring the beautiful Saatchi Gallery (which is free admission) is bound to give you things to talk about. Should you violently disagree with each other about art, head to the basement and gaze on Richard Wilson's serene yet uncanny installation 20:50.

See Edgy New London Theatre

Show your finger's on the cultural pulse and that you care about London's social issues by getting a pair of tickets to new play Home at The Shed. Take a pre-show drink at the alfresco Propstore and debrief sharing Campfire Pizza looking out across the Thames.

Hop Around Our Grand Saturday

Show your love for local London as the Elephant and The Nun festival culminates in four free community festivals around Southwark. Pack a hamper and head for Peckham Peace Picnic then join the Village Hall Experience on Peckham Rye. Enjoy flowers and Latin American culture and food in St Mary's Churchyard, Newington Butts or enjoy the young performance talent on show at ComboNation on Camberwell Green.

Share A Love Of Drinking Beer

Two beer festivals of different character arrive in London this month for those who a taste for ale. The CAMRA Great British Beer Festival which is massive, beardy and full of pork scratchings at Olympia and the newcomer, London Craft Beer Festival which is more east London with DJs and street food. Read this article to help you choose which on to take your date too. Just don't end up with beer goggles on.

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Last Updated 15 August 2013