The Pig Lebowski: Foodie Film Screening With A View

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The Pig Lebowski: Foodie Film Screening With A View

piglebowskiGrub Club, which puts together unusual dining experiences in London, seems to have surreptitiously acquired our checklist of 'things we look for in an event to make it worth writing about'. How else to explain the following synthesis of the terrific?

  • Top Film: They've got The Big Lebowski. While it's a staple of pop-up cinemas, it's about as rewatchable a film as was ever made.
  • Top Food: A pork-based menu (with a veggie option) courtesy of The Wandering Chef.
  • Top Punning: The Big Lebowski + pork = The Pig Lebowski. Well, we're amused.
  • Top Floor: It's in the Skyroom Bar at the top of the Millbank Tower. 28 floors up, with gorgeous views.

Throw in optional fancy dress, thematic White Russians and bowling alleys, an after-party with more cocktails, and "perhaps even a sighting of the Dude himself", and you have quite a proposition.

The Pig Lebowski (27 July) is the first in a series of street-food + film + up-a-bloody-tall-tower evenings from the same stable. Also on the schedule are Fried and Loathing in Las Vegas (10 August) and The Last of the Burritos (24 August).

All events cost £25, which includes entry, film, food and a cocktail.

Last Updated 16 July 2013