Luke Jermay’s “Sixth Sense” at the Leicester Square Theatre

By Stuart Black Last edited 68 months ago
Luke Jermay’s “Sixth Sense” at the Leicester Square Theatre


For most of the audience at a mind reader’s show, half the feeling afterwards is palpable relief and half is disappointment. The relief lies in not being picked to go up on stage. And the disappointment lies in not being picked to go up on stage.

You really want to know if the skill is real but you don’t want to offer yourself up as a guinea pig just in case it is. This is the thrill at the heart of the experience – and there was a prickly sense of nervousness in the auditorium of the Leicester Square Theatre before the start of Luke Jermay’s stage-show “Sixth Sense” yesterday.

From the queue to the bar you could hear the exact same fretting – will he expose my darkest secret or my weird proclivities to the public? The show, then, had started before the lights had even gone down – the mentalist was already in the heads of his audience. But there wasn’t, in the end, many shocking revelations – this was slick cabaret-style fun and games designed to delight rather than disturb the paying punters.

Jermay has been a Las Vegas fixture and worked as a consultant for Derren Brown, so what strikes you most is his confidence and control. You’ll leave scratching your head – or perhaps slapping your temple like Jermay himself just before he tells you the colour of your underwear.

“Sixth Sense” has a brief run in London until 13 July – be quick for a fun evening out at a fraction of the price of Derren Brown, currently up the road at the Palace Theatre. Book tickets here.

Londonist saw the show on a complimentary press ticket.

By Stuart Black

Last Updated 10 July 2013