Hackney Council Replace One Odd Drawing With Another

By BethPH Last edited 64 months ago
Hackney Council Replace One Odd Drawing With Another

20hackney2207maionAn artist's impression of Narrow Way had to be replaced on Hackney council's website after the Black and Ethnic Minority (BEMA) Network said it contained too many white faces.

The original picture, which looks curiously like a scene from virtual world Second Life, was intended to illustrate changes to the recently-pedestrianised road. BEMA Network chief officer Ngoma Bishop said:

“The image revealed Hackney’s transformation into a borough inhabited almost entirely by young white people. The diversity of the borough has almost completely disappeared and the different communities, cultures and people of all ages and abilities have been replaced with white children and cyclists.”

The offending picture was replaced by an equally strange one containing a large papier-mâché dragon, which is obviously much more representative of Hackney.

Last Updated 23 July 2013