Artist Makes Palimpsest Of British Museum's New Extension

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Artist Makes Palimpsest Of British Museum's New Extension
How the extension will look when complete.

Liam O'Connor is the British Museum's current artist-in-residence. Over the past three years, he's been sketching developments to the north-west of the museum, where a new wing is taking shape.

The images above show the same drawing at different stages. The sketch changes as the site changes. Layers build up, as all the forms the building site passes through accumulate on the surface of the drawing. He's also captured impressions of the building's surfaces and forms through rubbings, relief prints and other techniques, as detailed in this video.

The new wing, designed by Richard Rogers' firm, will become the museum's World Conservation and Exhibition Centre, due to open in 2014.

UPDATE: (1 October 2013) This drawing is now on show in Room 90 of the British Museum.

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