Abandoned Kitten Found On Tube Train

By Zoe Craig Last edited 55 months ago
Abandoned Kitten Found On Tube Train

The four-week-old kitten, now called Victoria

We've all seen pigeons and mice scurrying around on the underground, but this makes for a far cuter Tube passenger.

The kitten, thought to be about four weeks old, was abandoned on a District line train at Victoria. The tiny ball of fluff was found on Monday night, cowering in a box, and covered in an unidentified sticky substance. After being handed to TfL staff, she was soon cleaned up by veterinary nurses at the animal charity Blue Cross, which has an animal hospital nearby.

In keeping with what seems to be the unwritten rules in such cases, the kitten has been named Victoria after the station that was briefly her home.

As Victoria is so young, she needs round-the-clock care. She should still be feeding from her mother, so nurses have been hand-feeding her. The charity says the lucky young cat is doing well, and will be transferred to the charity's rehoming centre in Oxfordshire on Monday. What Victoria plans to do with her remaining eight lives has not yet been disclosed.

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Last Updated 11 July 2013


What a gorgeous little kitten!! Hope she finds a lovely home soon. Mwhah!

Luiza Ferrari

I want this kitten!! <3


I will mother this kitten if it needs it. There is a home in Hackney.


It makes me so angry that some heartless Prat leaves a kitten who is so helpless on a tube train abandoned! Some people are sick and need putting down. ARGH!


Gorgeous little thing. She'll find the home she deserves, I'm sure of it. Victoria - you're a Queen.... :-)


Aww, how do I adopt her???