A Surreal Dusk Performance In Nunhead Cemetery

By Lindsey Last edited 66 months ago
A Surreal Dusk Performance In Nunhead Cemetery


Nunhead Cemetery is a beautiful place. In parts nature has gone wild, in others it's formally groomed. The roofless chapel's been restored but monuments crumble along handsome avenues. And in this atmospheric setting, a group of performers called the Arbonauts will present a surreal promenade performance at dusk, re-imagining Italo Calvino's magical folktale about a young aristocrat who takes to the trees.

Biped's Monitor will be discovered by the audience at their own pace, an abstract and fragmented happening. Listen out for baroque soloists, keep an eye on the trees and see what's happening in the chapel.

Biped's Monitor sold-out when presented in 2012. This year it's on for 5 nights only, from 31 July to 4 August at 8.45pm. Tickets £15 full price (£12 early bird 15 days before the event).

Last Updated 24 July 2013