Welcome To The New-Look Londonist

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Welcome To The New-Look Londonist

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We've had a bit of a refresh. Quite a big refresh, in fact, and our first in two and a half years. Welcome to our new-look site. Here's what we've done.

Update: Our commenting system is currently a bit shaky, while we try and convince the site that it wants to import tens of thousands of comments. It'll be back to full strength again soon. Our site search is also wobbly, while we fully index 30,000 articles. Should be all fixed sometime Wednesday. Thanks for your patience.

  • New drop down menus, making the navigation simpler and reducing the space taken up by menu bars.
  • We've discovered colour. Sections are now colour-coded, so transport's in green, politics is in a soothing pink, and so on. You'll get used to them.
  • The site's now 'snappy and stretchy', to use the technical term, which means it'll auto-adjust to fit your browser/device.
  • We've fixed image galleries so they don't reload the whole damn page with each click.
  • The popular Museums & Galleries page is now much neater and better structured, or you can still scan everything on one page.
  • Check out the 'most visited' panel in the right-hand margin for all our biggest stories.
  • Our writers now get their mugshots at the bottom of each article.
  • Slightly tweaked logo.

Have a play around and let us know if you have any feedback, good or bad. As always with these things, there are bound to be a few gremlins in the works — if you spot one, let us know, but don't feed it after midnight.

We thank our friends at Appfly, who designed and built the new site, and are a pleasure to work with, should you be looking to have a website built.

Last Updated 25 June 2013