Welcome To The New-Look Londonist

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Welcome To The New-Look Londonist

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We've had a bit of a refresh. Quite a big refresh, in fact, and our first in two and a half years. Welcome to our new-look site. Here's what we've done.

Update: Our commenting system is currently a bit shaky, while we try and convince the site that it wants to import tens of thousands of comments. It'll be back to full strength again soon. Our site search is also wobbly, while we fully index 30,000 articles. Should be all fixed sometime Wednesday. Thanks for your patience.

  • New drop down menus, making the navigation simpler and reducing the space taken up by menu bars.
  • We've discovered colour. Sections are now colour-coded, so transport's in green, politics is in a soothing pink, and so on. You'll get used to them.
  • The site's now 'snappy and stretchy', to use the technical term, which means it'll auto-adjust to fit your browser/device.
  • We've fixed image galleries so they don't reload the whole damn page with each click.
  • The popular Museums & Galleries page is now much neater and better structured, or you can still scan everything on one page.
  • Check out the 'most visited' panel in the right-hand margin for all our biggest stories.
  • Our writers now get their mugshots at the bottom of each article.
  • Slightly tweaked logo.

Have a play around and let us know if you have any feedback, good or bad. As always with these things, there are bound to be a few gremlins in the works — if you spot one, let us know, but don't feed it after midnight.

We thank our friends at Appfly, who designed and built the new site, and are a pleasure to work with, should you be looking to have a website built.

Last Updated 25 June 2013


Such a shame - adverts taking up almost 50% of the page and very user unfriendly imho - the same design is the reason I stopped reading Gothamist too


Great job on making the picture galleries more user friendly. The awkward loading and viewing experience of pictures was my biggest gripe about this site. I'll get used to the new layout and such but so far I think it looks great!

Mike Hall

I really dig the new-look site. Nice to have a splash of colour about the place! I agree about the picture galleries which is much improved. Good job!


The fonts are all awful in Opera or Chrome browser, especially headlines. Really pixelly/blocky. Better in IE but why build something so browser-specific in this day and age?


OMG what a mess I can't use this! looks awful on firefox, particularly the typefaces. What's with all the drop down/ pop up content? Really annoying. just put it all back how it was please. Looks like one giant pop up advert first instinct was that your site had been hacked.


Congrats on the new design, the gallery update in particular.

Responsive design is nice as well and luckily comes to the rescue. I find the full width contents far too much to digest (3 different sized columns, where is the current stuff I haven't read yet?). However the next size down, whatever it is, I quite like. So in future I'll just have to read londonist in a separate browser window sized down a bit.


I love this site, but find this new look very difficult to look at. It jumps around as it loads up in Safari, and there seems to be so much going on that I don't know where to look. I appreciate that some things may be improved, but at the moment I'm finding it an effort to read, so, unfortunately, haven't read an article since the change.


Love how there's more colour. My only complaint - which may be minor and trivial - is that it's harder to get a sense of what's been freshly posted, with all the features that have been pinned. However, maybe it'll just take some time to get used to.

Phil McKerracher

Responsive layout and general appearance are great. Agree the fonts are blocky, something's wrong there. Lots of failures in W3C html and css validator tests, and more worryingly WAVE accessibility tests.

John Hodson

Colourful it may be - readable it ain't... not on the 1920x1080 IE8 on Windows XP in my office at least. Three pictures (different ratios?) of the lead story, advertising centre stage which does fill the screen, leaving links to the list of articles in a thin ribbon half off the right hand edge of the page. I had to turn compatability mode off in order to be able to find this comments box. If I accidently roll over a menu the whole screen is covered by a menu that looks like it should only be a column wide.

A shame - but I won't be able to access Londonist during the daytime... which is when I read it most - it is just too much hard work. I'll pop back in a week or so to see if the cross-browser compatability issues have been resolved (is my set-up that unusual?). I love Londonist but I'm sorry that, for now, you've lost a reader.