Freq. At Hoxton Gallery: Illuminated Oscillations for Midsummer

Sarah Stewart
By Sarah Stewart Last edited 67 months ago
Freq. At Hoxton Gallery: Illuminated Oscillations for Midsummer

Hackney-based design studio Haberdashery has launched an illuminated feast for midsummer. Freq., a collaboration with photographer Julian Abrams, is a marvellous, luminous exhibition of light sculpture and photography, featuring five abstract light sculptures and 14 photographic prints based on these works. The stark, cavern-like space of the Hoxton Gallery under a railway arch provides an ideal emphatic backdrop for these colourful, resonant works.

The light sculptures are constructions of LEDs and reflective steel and aluminium surfaces, which change colour and form as the LEDs blink at random. The photographic works are created around these light sculptures, capturing instances of their form, motion and colour with firework-like effect. Many, such as Arc Frequency #1, Merope and Musica Universalis, resemble radiant biological structures such as plant cells or corals, or conjure supernovae or fireworks. Others, such as Chromatic Oscillations in Steel, are brightly-coloured shifting patterns of lines that seem to vibrate and resonate at particular wavelengths. Others such as the rainbow-lit hexagonal form of 6ths entrance with their subtle shifts in colour and mood.

The works are playful constructions, cavorting with the physics of light and optics. Many of the works take cues from music in their titles. After all, both light and sound are produced by waves, and indeed, these works are inspired by the geometry of light, which are wavelengths. Indeed, Haberdashery and Julian Abrahms have created a glowing alchemy of art and physics for all to enjoy.

Freq. shows at Hoxton Gallery at The Arch, 9 Kingsland Road,  until 27 June, also showing at the V&A Late on 28 June. Entrance is free.

By Sarah Stewart

Last Updated 23 June 2013