Royal Albert Dock In Billion-Pound Redevelopment Deal

Dean Nicholas
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Royal Albert Dock In Billion-Pound Redevelopment Deal
Will rowing to work become acceptable?
Will rowing to work become acceptable?

A Chinese developer has signed a £1 billion deal to build a business park at the Royal Albert Dock in east London. ABP China will fund the area's redevelopment into a major business zone, as a base for Asian companies looking for a toehold in Europe.

The site will be masterplanned by Terry Farrell; the above images show how it might look. Named, unimaginatively, Asian Business Port, the 35-acre site will be made up of low-rise office (the proximity of City airport restricting tall buildings) and, according to Boris Johnson, create some 20,000 jobs and be worth some £6 billion to the UK economy. Transport connections should be good: along with the aforementioned airport, by the time the development is fully complete Crossrail will be running from nearby Custom House, and there's also the DLR. Even the cable car might see a bit of traffic.

Allied with new developments such as The Crystal and the putative floating village at Victoria Docks, the business park should help transform an area mainly occupied by uninspiring new housing developments, UEL students and people on their way to the ExCel Centre. Whether it will actually help the people of Newham, one of London's poorest boroughs, is another matter.

The first phase is expected to open in 2017, with the full park completed by 2022.

Last Updated 30 May 2013


It's actually quite a shame that the land will be built on this extensively. The open space here provides interesting views and has an overgrown patch that makes a great meadow. But who needs open space when there's money to be made?

Greg Tingey

"....the proximity of City airport restricting tall buildings"
But not a dangerous, ugly, unneccessary dangleway, though?


Any chance of some affordable housing for the people who are going to be employed in these 20.000 new jobs? No, I thought not...Lets just keep on building offices to replace the ones that we are already finding it hard to let.


And what about those of us who use the Royal Albert Dock for sports? I can think of at least five different rowing clubs who use it regularly, and several more who use it when they can't go on the Thames. I can't speak for the dragon boaters, but I assume that they will be just as unhappy. I learnt to row there when I was twelve, it's a much safer environment for children than going on the river. It is also a perfect 2km length for the many time trials held there.

Where will the London Youth Games do it's water sports events now? Will the Docklands Head just be cancelled? Will the Regatta Centre be closed down? Where are we supposed to go if this happens? RDRC doesn't have anywhere else to go. Apparently the Olympic legacy has been forgotten that quickly.