Thatcher Posters Banned From Tube (Sort Of)

By BethPH Last edited 67 months ago
Thatcher Posters Banned From Tube (Sort Of)

After the last couple of weeks, we thought that Londoners would have had their fill of Margaret Thatcher-based controversy. Yet we'd be wrong. Art posters of the late Baroness Thatcher have been temporarily banned from Westminster tube station after tube advertisers CBS Outdoor deemed them potentially 'insensitive'.

The portraits were intended as an advertising campaign for the Thatchertastic exhibition at Gallery Different, featuring 10 artists depictions of the Iron Lady. TfL said in a statement:

"Our advertising contractor took the view that it could have been considered insensitive to have displayed the posters at the time of Baroness Thatcher's funeral.

"As her funeral has passed, they will be happy to consider them again."

So not a total ban for evermore then. The gallery is by no means the first to fall foul of TfL's advertising rules — in 2010, a poster for Massive Attack's Heligoland was banned for looking too much like street art. More recently a controversial 'gay cure' advert was pulled on the grounds that it didn't reflect TfL's 'commitment to a tolerant and inclusive London'. An advert from arms manufacturers Lockheed Martin was allowed to go ahead, as was a New Year advert from payday loan company

Last Updated 23 April 2013