London April Fools Roundup 2013

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London April Fools Roundup 2013

The Huffington Post wins the award for most laughable Photoshop of the year, with the beezer idea of running a helter-skelter around the Shard.

The tantalisingly terrifying tornado, 'imaginatively' called The Shlide , starts from the viewing platform on the 72nd floor and plummets 244.3m to ground level. Riders will reach a dizzying 75mph on specially made mats created with NASA technology to resist the huge levels of friction generated.

The design has two flaws: (1) the sudden drop from the incomplete slide at the lower right; (2) it'd prevent Doctor Who riding his anti-gravity motorbike up the facade, and thus we'd all be doomed.

This ticketing site has a similar idea, wrapping a helter-skelter round the Gherkin and dreaming up other fairground attractions. We got there over six years ago. Meanwhile, the Times of Malta reports on a rival to the Shard in Worcestershire: a giant asparagus.

Snipe continues the theme of urban interventions by examining plans for the London Overground. It turns out that the revamped East London Line was only a pop-up, and will close on 1 April 2014 for redevelopment. In its place, an east London Skywalk modelled after New York's High Line will emerge. Funding has been secured:

Following the great success of the Emirates Air Line, we’ve teamed up with Sky Television to create this modern piece of public transport infrastructure.

The rest of the Overground will be restored to its former non-glory and ran as a vintage line using old rolling stock.

Political blogger Adam Bienkov inevitably takes a swipe at Boris Johnson, and his ever-improving delegation skills. The Mayor has apparently appointed city financier Bob Zirconia as his new Deputy Mayor for Being Mayor. Zirconia's responsibilities include pretty much everything the Mayor's supposed to do, allowing the Blond to "concentrate on his statutory functions of posing on a bike next to Kelly Brook and reading childrens books with Peter Andre".

Channel 4 News also targets the Mayor, suggesting that he's planning a job swap with David Miliband. The main revelation from this article, however, is how much Boris looks like former Crimewatch presenter Nick Ross, when given a Miliband haircut.

The Telegraph reports that Sir Cameron Mackintosh is backing a new West End musical themed around the Coalition government. The original work is scored by Olaf Dyliparos, whose name you might presents a spot of fun for anagram fans.

And finally...

Did you fall for our reverse-April Fool's joke? This morning, we ran a story about how a building very similar to the Shard was almost built in Chicago 110 years ago. It's absolutely true, but we cheekily published it on 1 April to see if anyone would assume it was false. At least some of our Facebook friends were counter-fooled.

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