Londonist Behind The Lens: Prad Patel

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Londonist Behind The Lens: Prad Patel

A series celebrating the talent of our friends in the Londonist Flickr pool. This week, Prad Patel on observing life through a lens.


"About two years ago, I picked up my underused Canon dSLR and decided to explore London, taking photos of the interesting things I saw. I’ve never had any formal training, or even knew what all the funny symbols and numbers on the camera meant, but through sheer experimentation and some good luck, I’ve done my best to capture my favourite pieces of London life.

I’m a twenty something whose day job involves sitting behind a desk at The Sunday Times, and whose background is rooted in working in technology startup companies, and years of studying Architecture at university. When life gets a little too crazy and it’s time to remove myself from reality and watch the world around, I reach for my trusty Canon again, and observe life through the lens.

I never really got into photography until I moved to London, some four years ago, and got swept up in the amazing scenery, the bustle of modern city life and the diversity of London life which makes this such a fantastic city to photograph.

My architecture background is what originally influenced my photography, but over time, I became equally fascinated with how people interacted with London, and with each other. Observing those moments which everyone sees but nobody thinks about, and expressing them in a way which becomes visually more interesting, and tells its own story, is now what I aim to portray in my photography."

All photos by Prad Patel. Check out more of his work on Flickr.

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Last Updated 23 March 2013