Dance Review: Midnight Tango @ Phoenix Theatre

By Laura Dodge Last edited 71 months ago
Dance Review: Midnight Tango @ Phoenix Theatre

Midnight Tango is an ideal showcase for its Strictly Come Dancing stars Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace. The simple story (girl meets boy, girl gets side-tracked by dark, handsome stranger, girl returns to boy) allows for plenty of energetic group dancing by the show’s cast.

Simone and Cacace are the main draw for audience members, with large cheers ringing out as they step onto stage. The duo are indeed great, though their ballroom (rather than Argentine) tango makes for a very different style of performance to London’s other tango show, Tango Fire.

Midnight Tango’s choreography also feels comparatively tame, with the only exciting and impressive moves taking place in its closing numbers. It is a shame, too, that none of the cast members, aside from Simone and Cacace, get to show off their dance abilities.

The show’s third star, Russell Grant, was unable to take on his role due to injury, but replacement Anthony Renshaw provided a charming dose of humour alongside fellow comic actor, Tricia Deighton.

This is a show designed for Strictly fans, offering the chance to see Simone and Cacace strutting and sparkling. Other elements of Midnight Tango are weak, but this pair are a joy to watch.

Midnight Tango is at the Phoenix Theatre until 2 March. Tickets priced £20-90 are available from ATG Tickets.

Pictured: Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace / Photo by Manuel Harlan

Last Updated 07 February 2013