Art On The Underground: Mark Wallinger's "Labyrinth"

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 135 months ago

Last Updated 07 February 2013

Art On The Underground: Mark Wallinger's "Labyrinth"

Today saw the launch of the biggest project in the history of Art on the Underground: "Labyrinth", by Mark Wallinger, which comprises 270 individual works, one for each station on the network.

The wall-mounted labyrinths, each with a unique design, are displayed on 600mm vitreous enamel panels. Ten of the mini-mazes have been installed in various central London stations (the Guardian has a gallery of them), while the rest of the Borgesian brood should be in place by summer. Rumours that David Bowie, wearing the syrup he sported in Eighties film favourite Labyrinth, might be wheeled out as part of a cross-promotional initiative for his forthcoming album are sadly wide of the mark.

Turner Prize-winner Wallinger isn't the first to befuddle London commuters with labyrinths: back in 2011 we mapped out some of the capital's public mazes and puzzles, while over in Bermondsey Shunt are currently inviting brave theatre-goers to experience their labyrinthine new show, The Architects.