New Bus For London To Serve 24 Route

Dean Nicholas
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New Bus For London To Serve 24 Route

As of this summer, the 24, which plies the roads between Pimlico and Hampstead Heath, will be serviced entirely by the New Bus for London, aka Son of Routemaster, or Boris Bus, if you prefer.

Transport for London's infuriatingly vague press release doesn't contain much in the way of information, such as when the new buses will go into operation ("summer" being as precise as it gets; presumably they'll phase them in over several months), nor whether the existing eight prototype buses, currently running on the 38 route, will be pulled and re-deployed on the 24. In total, 27 buses will be in service at peak times.

The 24 is, appropriately enough, a 24-hour route, and presumably the new bus will be operated by the driver only during night time, meaning the door on the rear platform will be exit-only. From what we've seen the 38 has mainly been operated during the day by two members of staff; how the pissed-up Saturday night Camden crawlers react upon discovering that they can't hop on board at the back remains to be seen, but it'll represent a sterner test for the controversial vehicles.

Boris Johnson has promised that 600 of the vehicles, built by WrightBus in Northern Ireland, will be on the streets of London by 2016.

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Last Updated 25 January 2013

Fran Cowan

Designed by Heatherwick Studios, the guys who did the Olympic Cauldron

sinister dexter

How much are they each?


I think they'll be up to the job. I live on the 38 route and we all think the new buses are a good thing. Perhaps the funniest thing is to see people of advancing years running and jumping on the back. I don't think there's been any accidents either.

One thing about the buses is that they are faster along the route than the rest of the 38s, as the second man or woman, is able to speed up the boarding by pleasant persuasion.

There was rumours that they were going to go on the 73 route, but I suppose the Chattering classes need something to persuade them back on the bus.


You can still get on at the back when the door is in use. It isn't exit only.


I dont think the contrast is high enough on that photo


"how the pissed-up Saturday night Camden crawlers react upon discovering that they can’t hop on board at the back remains to be seen" - they seem to have coped so far since teh last Routemaster ran through Camden God knows how many years ago. Typical daft Londonist sneery comment.

Liz Clark

Nice looking bus, but the capacity for passengers is low, and the heat on both levels is not good. Depending on the driver depends on whether you can use all three doors or just have to use the rear door. Shame the 24 is my main route from where I live, might have to walk more!!