Week In Geek: 10-16 December 2012

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Week In Geek: 10-16 December 2012

London events for people with curious minds.

Monday 10 December

CONSERVATION: Although there are many depressing stories of habitat loss and extinctions around the world, it's not all dire news. Andrew Balmford speaks at the Royal Society about positive developments in conservation. Free, just turn up, 6.30pm

BURLESQUE: Chemistry meets striptease at the Science Burlesque show at The Cockpit. As the organisers say: "You'd be surprised how many scientists secretly want to dress up in a corset and swap the bright, shiny lab for the dark, seedy cabaret". £7, prebook, 7.30pm

Tuesday 11 December

MATHS: How much do you know about non-Euclidean geometries? Head along to Raymond's Flood's Gresham talk at the Museum of London to have your brain twisted into new dimensions. Free, just turn up, 1pm

PSYCHOSOMATICS: Why do people sometimes get positive experiences from miracle cures, homeopathy and other treatments for which there's no scientific evidence of efficacy? Glenn Wilson explains the placebo effect and mind over matter at another Museum of London Gresham lecture. Free, just turn up, 6pm

ICE ODDNESS: Andrea Sella explains why ice is one of the most mysterious substances known, at UCL's chemistry department. Free, just turn up, 6pm CANCELLED

EVOLUTION: Kingston's Cafe Scientifique at Woody's explores the evolution of the eye. The discussion is aimed at anyone with a curious mind. Free, just turn up, 7pm

BRIGHT CLUB: Another month, another show, as academics once again take to the stage with comedians at the Wilmington Arms for Bright Club. £5, prebook, 7.30pm

Wednesday 12 December

BRAINS: Imperial College gets in on the Christmas Lecture vibe by presenting a demonstration and talk about the brain aimed at children. Free, prebook, 5pm

Thursday 13 December

FOOD SCIENCE: Imperial College serves up a feast of science, with wonderful edible creations. Try a sorbet made using a fire extinguisher or make your own seasonal drinks with a chemist turned apothecary as your guide. Free, just turn up, 5-8pm

Friday 14 December

LUNCHTIME LECTURE: An odder pairing of talks could scarcely be imagined, but head to UCL's JZ Young Lecture Theatre for a talk about online grime music followed by a discussion of the Raman effect and its use to detect molecular-level changes in disease. Oddness squared. Free, just turn up, 1.15pm

Booking Ahead

Helen Keen’s Spacetacular!, in partnership with Londonist and supported by the UK Space Agency, takes place at the Leicester Square Theatre on 27 January. Space scientists, comedians, musicians and others share an enthusiasm for space exploration, with the audience dressed in tin foil. Earlybird tickets are now on sale for £7.50 — use promotional code LONDONIST. Book now. Follow Spacetacular! on Facebook.

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments, or email matt@londonist.com to tip us off about upcoming events.

Week in Geek will now take a break until the New Year. We will, however, flag up any interesting events as one-off articles should anything reach our attention. Have yourself a geeky old Christmas.

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