Week In Geek: 12-18 November 2012

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Week In Geek: 12-18 November 2012

London events for people with curious minds.

Monday 12 November

SUSTAINABILITY: As the world's demand for new materials increases, how are we to maintain production without choking the world in emissions? Julian Allwood speaks at the Royal Society. Free, just turn up, 6.30pm

BOOKS: Fiction Lab returns to the Royal Institution, as the book club discusses The Conjurer's Bird by Martin Davies. Free, just turn up, 7pm

Tuesday 13 November

EVOLUTION: Noted science communicator Matt Ridley talks at the Adam Smith Institute about the parallels between the works of Darwin and Smith. Free, prebook, 6pm

PHILOSOPHY: Ben Goldacre, scourge of quack doctors and unscrupulous medical communicators, receives the Philosophy Now Award for Contributions in the Fight against Stupidity, at Conway Hall. The event also includes a talk by Lesley Chamberlain on 'A Goethean in Postmodern London'. Free, prebook, 6.30pm

MEDICINE: New IVF technology should be able to prevent mitochondrial diseases, but would mean that the resulting child would carry DNA from three people. A public consultation about the pros and cons of this scenario is being held at Hamilton House, Bloomsbury. Free, prebook, 6.30pm

FEAR OF SCIENCE: Throughout history, humans have often felt fear or distrust of science and technology. Vaughan Bell, Dallas Campbell and Lorraine Bowen speak at the Royal Institution about the reasons for this. £10, prebook or tickets on door, 7pm

Wednesday 14 November

SPACE: The Chancellor recently announced a boost in funding for British space technology. Sir Martin Sweeting, a successful business leader in the satellite industry, probably helped the lobbying fot that cash. He speaks at Imperial College about how space technology is becoming more accessible. Free, just turn up, 5.30pm

ROBOT ART: Is artwork a purely human activity, or will robots and computers soon be turning out masterpieces? An event at the Dana Centre explores. Free, prebook, 7pm

Thursday 15 November

DEATH: Wellcome Collection's new exhibition shows over 300 artifacts from a personal collection, all exploring human attitudes towards death. We'll be reviewing this one later in the week. Runs until 24 February 2013. Free, just turn up, 10am-10pm

LEGAL HIGHS: How can the law stay on top of 'legal highs' — new drugs that haven't yet been through a process of prohibition? A Battle Of Ideas spin-off debate sees five panelists work through the issues, at the Institute of Psychiatry at King's College's Denmark Hill campus. Free, just turn up, 6pm

HIGGS: Jim Baggott is at Waterstones Gower Street to discuss his new book Hunting the God Particle, about the search for the Higgs Bosun. £5, buy on the door, 6.30pm

MORE DEATH: Stay on late at Wellcome Collection for a discussion about collecting in general. Richard Harris, the chap who's kindly lending his death collection to the exhibition, is on hand to discuss his own magpie tendencies, while Wellcome Library's Ross MacFarlane compares the amassage of Sir Henry Wellcome. Free, prebook, 7pm

SHOW AND TELL: Invited speakers show off an idea or object, sparking audience conversation, at a Dana Centre event arranged by games makers Coney. Free, prebook, 7pm

Friday 16 November

DOUBLE LECTURE: Another odd pairing from UCL Bite-Sized Lunchtime Lectures, as Malcolm Finlay discusses how stress affects the heart, and then Andreas Kokkinis asks 'to whom are bank managers accountable?'. Free, just turn up, 1.10pm

FIRE FROM THE SKY: Diane Johnson discusses at the Royal Society, how meteorites might have influenced the Ancient Egyptians. Free, just turn up, 12.30pm

Booking Ahead

Helen Keen’s Spacetacular!, in partnership with Londonist and supported by the UK Space Agency, takes place at the Leicester Square Theatre on 27 January. Space scientists, comedians, musicians and others share an enthusiasm for space exploration, with the audience dressed in tin foil. Earlybird tickets are now on sale for £7.50. Book now. Follow Spacetacular! on Facebook.

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