Monday Miscellanea

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Monday Miscellanea

This Week In London’s History

  • Monday19th November 1558: Queen Elizabeth I travels to Highgate on her accession to the throne. She is met by the bishops and escorted through London.
  • Tuesday20th November 1992: Fire sweeps through Windsor Castle, causing £40 million worth of damage to over 100 rooms.
  • Wednesday21st November 1695: The great composer Henry Purcell dies at his home in Westminster. The cause of his death in unclear, with theories ranging from tuberculosis to chocolate poisoning.
  • Thursday22nd November 1977: Concorde’s first scheduled commercial flight from London to New York takes off from Heathrow.
  • Friday23rd November 1887: William Henry Pratt is born in Honor Oak. He would become a successful Hollywood actor, best known for his portrayals of Frankenstein's monster, under the stage name Boris Karloff.

London Quote Of The Week

The happiness of London is not to be conceived but by those who have been in it. I will venture to say, there is more learning and science within the circumference of ten miles from where we now sit, than in all the rest of the world.

Samuel Johnson

Picture by liborius via the Londonist Flickr Pool.

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