Week In Geek: 1-7 October 2012

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Week In Geek: 1-7 October 2012

London events for people with curious minds.

Monday 1 October

SCI-ART: Explore the wonders and bafflements of particle physics...as interpreted by artists. The Jiggling Atoms exhibition, associated with Queen Mary University of London, brings together 25 works of art in different mediums, at the Rag Factory, Heneage Street, Spitalfields. A series of events supports the exhibition all week, but see Saturday and Sunday especially. FREE, 10am-10pm, until 7 September, @jigglingatoms

FILM: The superb In The Shadow Of The Moon, a documentary about the moon landings, screens at Greenwich Picturehouse tonight, followed by a discussion with Royal Observatory astronomers. £11.10, 6.30pm

Tuesday 2 October

MATHS: Professor Ben Green speaks at the Royal Society, about looking for patterns in the prime numbers. FREE, 6.30pm

CULTURE: Well-known science writer Matt Ridley is at Wellcome Collection to discuss the evolution of culture. FREE, 6.30pm

SCIENCE SHOWOFF: Extrovert science researchers take to the stage at the Wilmington Arms for this month's Science Showoff, a quickfire, pub-based science show. £5 (suggested donation), 7pm

Wednesday 3 October

BACTERIA: A new work of performance art at Wellcome Collection, known as the Hypersymbiont Enhancement Salon, looks at the possibility of enhancing humans through dicking about with our bacterial flora. You can drop in any time this afternoon (2-5pm), or Thur (6-9pm), or Fri (2-5pm). FREE

ARCHITECTURE: Learn about the engineering challenges that were overcome during the construction of the Shard, with a talk at the Institution of Engineering and Technology near Temple. FREE, 6pm

TRANSPORT: The Crossrail visitor centre near Tottenham Court Road is running a series of lectures about the project every Wednesday this month. Tonight's talk discusses the archaeological challenges. An exhibition of recent finds will also be open. FREE, 6.30pm

SALON: This month's Salon event, the 30th in the series, has a triple bill of wonders. Andrea Wulf reveals how science went global in the 18th Century; Caspar Henderson introduces ‘The Book of Barely Imagined Beings’, a bibliomenagerie of the weirdest animals on the planet; and Simon Garfield takes an interactive look at maps. The Salon takes place at Adam Street Members Club, 9 Adam Street. £12, 7.30pm, @SalonLondon

Thursday 4 October

ANCIENT MEDICINE: Catherine Walker talks at Wellcome Library about the dodgy medical beliefs of the Ancient Greeks. FREE, 3pm

SYNTHETIC BIOLOGY: A 'Synthetic Biology Smackdown' at the Royal Institution sees a panel of scientists showing off different synthetic organisms — bacteria and other small species that humans have tinkered with. £10, 7pm

VIDEOGAME KARAOKE: Lionel Ritchie’s Hello is re-imagined as a song about Master Chief from Halo? The London Games Festival has a night of karaoke with the words changed to be about video games. A rare reason to venture into the Temple Walkabout. FREE, 7pm

Friday 5 October

HISTORY OF SCIENCE: A lunchtime talk at the Royal Society looks at the work of Gregor Mendel on inheritance, and the scientific battles to establish or refute his findings. FREE, 1pm

MEDICINE AND THE WOOLF: Learn while you lunch at UCL today, where an intriguingly mis-matched pair of public mini-lectures look at the connection between Alzheimer's and vision, followed by insights into Virginia Woolf's war diaries. FREE, 1.10pm

VIDEO GAMES: Fancy yourself as a games coder? Take part in the ExPlay Games Jam at the Science Museum. Teams or individuals have 24 hours to create a playable game from scratch. FREE, 5pm

Saturday 6 October

PARTICLE PHYSICS IS FUN: Head back to the Rag Factory in Spitalfields for a two day series of free talks and workshops from the Jiggling Atoms group (see Monday). Take part in Feynman diagram printmaking, hear John Butterworth talk Higgs Bosons, then catch Robin Ince do his wonderful geek comedy thing. FREE, 10am-10pm

Sunday 7 October

ELECTRONIC MUSIC: A day of talks and demonstrations at the Southbank Centre devoted to the Radiophonic Workshop, now back in business after briefly closing down. £14.25, 10am

PARTICLE PHYSICS IS STILL FUN: More from the Jiggling Atoms crew, with a science life drawing class, and talks by Adrian Holme, Malte Oppermann and Ben Still. FREE, 10am-10pm

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