Review: New Art Club @ Soho Theatre

By Jemma Last edited 132 months ago
Review: New Art Club @ Soho Theatre

As New Art Club’s Quiet Act of Destruction begins, with charismatic duo Tom Roden and Pete Shenton directing the audience to their seats, their ability to connect with strangers in a playful way is immediately apparent.

The audience are clearly up for it — ‘it’ being participation — and thus begins a riot of an evening, that happily (and cleverly) shifts a bunch of adults into a cheeky, child-like state.

The premise of the show is a petty conflict between two local villages over the naming of a train station. The audience are divided into rival villages who compete in mildly-ridiculous village fete games, competing for points, and climaxing in an enormous bread-fight.

However, amidst all this carefree excitement, a bigger picture emerges when we’re asked to stop and contemplate the death of local young men back in the Battle of the Somme, and on a smaller scale, the manslaughter of an injured bullfinch; events which highlight the triviality of the village ‘war’. It’s sobering to realise the abandon with which you joined in the antics, and strangely consoling when asked to re-join.

This heady mix of comedy with a light touch of tragedy, and New Art Club's ability to respond to heckling with wit and heart is what makes this a very special show. If you have even the smallest of funny-bones in your body you’ll be won over and have a great deal of fun, even if you are really trying not to.

New Art Club: Quiet Act of Destruction is at Soho Theatre until Saturday 13 October (no shows Sunday/Monday) at 9.15pm. Tickets for tonight are £10, from tomorrow £15.

Ticket offer: quote 'destruction' when booking to bag £10 tickets for tonight and Saturday night's shows.

Last Updated 05 October 2012