Preview: Secret Cinema Returns

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Preview: Secret Cinema Returns

OK, you know the drill. Secret Cinema returns for its 895th outing (or something), with a  mystery film screened at a mystery location, and the audience playing an important part in the event. It could be the Towering Inferno at the top of the Shard, or Stallone flick Daylight, screened in the Rotherhithe Tunnel. Who can say? We know but three things:

  • It begins 31 October and ends on 2 December.
  • It will be accompanied by a 'Secret Gallery', which will "bring existing artistic talent and emerging graduate work into a multi-dimensional immersive space". (Isn't all space, by definition, immersive and multi-dimensional? Bloody press-release writers.)
  • A possible hint of the film is given in the blurb's mention of  'The State of Oak Hampton', which will "clamp down on vicious crimes through investigation and punish the thought as well as the offense. The State will also fund a meteorological station headquartered somewhere in London to trace the skies and bring daily reports to our contenders and offenders".

Tickets are on sale now, and selling out fast.

Secret Cinema continues to thrive, even with stiff competition from other inventive cinema companies. The last screening of Prometheus attracted over 25,000 people during its month-long tenure at the back of Euston — even though participants were encouraged to fork out for a costume as well as the ticket price.

Last Updated 03 October 2012