Aliens Invade South London

By BethPH Last edited 75 months ago
Aliens Invade South London

New Addington residents were surprised to see what seemed to be the aftermath of a meteor storm when 22 large boulders appeared on the high street earlier this month.

In fact, it's a scheme to deter illegal parking, from London mayor Boris Johnson's Outer London Fund. Local opinion is divided — some residents call the boulders an 'eyesore' and liken them to an alien invasion, while traders say they will stop dangerous parking.

We think they look hilariously out of place, though concerns about people hitting their heads on them after falling over on ice, or that they're disrespectful to the local funeral parlour are perhaps over-enthusiastic.

Has your local authority come up with novel schemes to deter illegal parking? Tell us in the comments.

Photo by photocillin in the Londonist Flickr pool.

Last Updated 16 October 2012