Week In Geek: 10-16 September 2012

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Week In Geek: 10-16 September 2012

London events for people with curious minds.

Tuesday 11 September

MUSIC EVOLUTION: Can good music be made by crowdsourcing and mining the tastes of thousands? Armand Leroi and Bob MacCallum discuss at the Royal Institution. £10, 7pm

EDUCATION: Alom Shaha is tonight's speaker at Skeptics in the Pub (The Monarch, Camden Town), where he'll talk about science and religion in the classroom. £2, 7.30pm

Wednesday 12 September

APPLE: Watch the latest announcement from Apple regarding new iPhones and iPads live from The George in Borough, with the London Mac User Group. FREE, 5.30pm

QUANTUM WEIRDNESS: The world of the very tiny is a strange one, with particles existing in two places at once, and generally behaving weirdly. Science London's quantum workshop, upstairs at The Lamb (Lamb's Conduit Street) promises to shed some light (it's not clear whether in wave or particle form) on the subject, offering practical examples of quantum processes. FREE, 7.30pm

Thursday 13 September

TEKKEN: The East Gallery in Shoreditch plays host to an exhibition of images inspired by the video game Tekken, which is about to relaunch with a new game. FREE, 13-15 September

FUTURE LONDON: With all the current talk of Olympic legacy, UCL takes a longer view and speculates about London in 2062. The event takes place in the Cruciform Building. FREE, 6.30pm

DOOM: South East London Folklore Society host an event called "When Prophecy Fails...Again", regarding the many end-of-world predictions that come and go without ever being correct. Hilariously, the group's web page for the event offers only a 'fatal error' message. The event takes place upstairs at the Old King's Head in Borough. £2.50, 8pm

Friday 14 September

SEWERS: Wellcome Collection paddles through the sewers in a lunchtime lecture, revealing the secrets of this vital subterranean system. FREE, 1pm

SOCIAL MEDIA: The Kings Place Festival throws up one or two interesting talks this week, including a spot by the Guardian's Jonathan Haynes on how the organisation uses Twitter. £4.50, 2.15pm

FONTS: We've never quite understood the cult of fonts, but author Simon Garfield wrote a book about them. Tonight, he talks at The Kings Place Festival about the relationship between fonts and dogs. Yes, fonts and dogs. £4.50, 5pm

Saturday 15 September

POST: The wonderful Postal Museum Store, out in Debden, holds an open day today, with a rally of vintage vehicles. We checked this one out a year ago, and can highly recommend a visit. FREE, 11am-3pm

SKEPTICS: Skeptical podcast The Pod Delusion celebrates its third birthday with a knees-up at Conway Hall in Holborn. Speakers include the BBC's Kate Russell and Alom Shaha, author of the Young Atheists Handbook. £5.95, 7.30pm

Booking Ahead

3-D PRINTING (19-21 October): "The Internet changed the world in the 1990s. The world is about to change again," says the bullish tagline to this the 3D Print Show 2012. The event at The Brewery on Chiswell Street will feature exhibitors, workshops and talks to demonstrate the rapidly improving technologies allowing us to create three-dimensional objects from printers. £19.95 (day pass), £29.95 (weekend pass), other ticket types available.

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