Nike Statue To Be Unveiled In Woolwich

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Nike Statue To Be Unveiled In Woolwich

It says something about the all-pervasiveness of branding that we immediately thought of training-shoes when this particular press release tickled our inbox. But the placing of a statue to Nike in Woolwich on Sunday (9 September) is a purely classical homage.

Nike was the Greek goddess of Victory. Her four-metre-tall likeness (she's a goddess; she can look like a cloven hunk of bronze if she wishes) is being presented to London as host city for the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics by the Ancient City of Olympia.

The work is by sculptor Pavlos Angelos Kougioumtzis. It'll be unveiled in front of the Dial Arch on the Royal Arsenal Riverside in Woolwich by Councillor Chris Roberts, Leader of the Royal Borough of Greenwich. The ceremony will be enlivened with military pomp and local music groups, as part of the Bandstand Marathon. Head down to Woolwich for 11.15 am on Sunday to watch the fun.

Last Updated 07 September 2012