Jameson Cult Film Club Returns With Immersive Screening Of Jaws

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Jameson Cult Film Club Returns With Immersive Screening Of Jaws

  • Cult (noun): A relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister.
  • Jaws (film): The ninth highest-grossing film of all time, with worldwide takings of almost $2 billion.

Quite how Jameson Cult Film Club can describe Jaws as a cult film takes some fathoming. The fearsome carnivore is so mainstream, we wouldn't be surprised to see it judging X-Factor. Talk about jumping the shark.

Nevertheless, the roving cinema will indeed be screening the blockbuster this September, as part of what could be an immersive experience in more ways than one:

...spend an evening on ‘Amity Island’, to enjoy Spielberg’s shark-filled spectacle, Jaws. Guests are invited to attend a 70s beach party ahead of the screening at the Greenwich Yacht Club, where beach-goers will mingle at a BBQ with the odd passer-by looking for their missing dog and of course, a killer shark!

(Killer Shark, by the way, is one of three types of fish to begin and end in the letter K. The others are King Fried Haddock and Kilmarnock — a small plaice in Scotland.)

The action takes place on 5 September at Greenwich Yacht Club (east of the Peninsula). More details on the Facebook page. Box office opens on 15 August — get in quick to snap up tickets.

Last Updated 13 August 2012