In Pictures: Intel's Giant Vending Machine In Covent Garden

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In Pictures: Intel's Giant Vending Machine In Covent Garden


This is a sponsored post on behalf of Intel.

A giant vending machine landed in Covent Garden last Friday, dispensing free consoles, laptops and prize toys from yesteryear. Intel's Project Monument drew surging crowds of smiling Londoners, who cheered one another on, looked on in awe (and in some cases, envy) and awaited their turn with eagerness.

As well as the generous vending machine, the event also led visitors down memory lane with a space hopper race, Scalextric, a novelty photo booth...everything from the super-toys of yesterday (and today) through to the quirky reminders of our childhood.

The event was the perfect way to rediscover some of our past loves, and we took full advantage. Go and build your own Intel Project Monument now.

Last Updated 29 August 2012