Over 100 Cyclists Arrested During Critical Mass Ride

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Over 100 Cyclists Arrested During Critical Mass Ride

More than 100 people were arrested last night during a Critical Mass bike ride. The trouble occurred close to the Olympic Stadium as the Opening Ceremony unfolded.

According to the Metropolitan Police, two groups were detained under Section 12 of the Public Order Act: one near Bow Flyover and the other on Warton Road, Stratford.

The Critical Mass bike ride is a long-established event that takes place on the last Friday of every month. It is usually a well-organised event to promote safe cycling. Last night's ride was subject to tight restrictions, barring participants from heading into areas north of the river "to prevent serious disruption to the community and the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games," as the Met put it. It seems the ride breached these restrictions, and riders were detained as a result.

Some cyclists claim that the police were heavy-handed in implementing the restrictions. Accusations of kettling, police aggression and use of pepper spray have been made, which the Met have yet to respond to. Another report suggests that "There was little tension evident and officers were seen chatting and joking with the detained cyclists". This video from earlier in the day, near Blackfriars Bridge, would beg to differ.

Last Updated 28 July 2012

Dave H

Context is everything, but that rather unpleasant video does seem to suggest that both sides of the confrontation were acting rather aggressively. Not cool.

Pete Stean

I've been following a few of the 'protest' events online - I was thinking about attending one or two, but you always get the anarchists and the general trouble-makers turning up. A recipe for disaster given how sensitive the police are at the moment. I'm not surprised that this ended in violence.


Would some of those police please come down to local alley and detain some cyclists, who overwhelmingly ignore no cycling signs at both ends.


The silly old bastard was clearly in the wrong, I hope he gets sent down


Assaulting a police officer ... on film ... send them down!


How much money do you guys think it cost the taxpayer to arrest, lock up, process 130 innocent people for riding their bicycles last night?
Absolutely incredible. The police are now saying they can't locate my younger brother's bike, and he potentially has to go to a car pound in the middle of nowhere in Surrey to get it back - but the arresting officer didn't give him correct paperwork so we don't know what's going on.

Absolute joke. 


I was riding home from work yesterday and got detained with these guys, even though i weren't even part of it! Was then taken to a police station, and now told they cannot find my bike which i paid nearly £4000 for!
I understand the police have a hard job, and i respect that. but seriously, what the hell were they trying to achieve? and if they don't find my bike i doubt they'll give me the £4000 for a new one :( Fucking Shocking. They should be looking out for thief's and potential terrorists but instead arrest 130 people on a bike ride. What a joke.


If you want to get rid of criticial mass, just start actually enforcing and policing the car parks. Sorry I meant cycle lanes.