London Zoo Wants To Turn The Gherkin Into A Giant Penguin

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London Zoo Wants To Turn The Gherkin Into A Giant Penguin

It looks like an entry from our old Touch Up London series, but this image comes from ZSL London Zoo's press people. They're proposing that the Gherkin be decorated to look like a giant Humboldt penguin. It's obviously one of those pie-in-the-sky PR squirts to draw attention to the zoo, with about as much chance of flying as a crippled penguin, but we rather like the idea.

The zoos penguins could do with a p-p-p-pick-me-up. Around a dozen were killed a couple of years ago, following a fox attack. They've since been given a new home and an Olympic diving board.

Any other suggestions for turning London's buildings into animals?

Last Updated 12 July 2012


the original concept was proposed here, check it out:


Doesn't matter how healthy a penguin is, it still can't fly...

Mark Baynes

Sounds like a good plan to me. What could we turn the Shard into though? And don't say turkey....

zoo opponent

Once again, the zoo industry tries to fool the public into believing that it cares one jot about wildlife. If zoos were really interested in conserving wildlife - rather than preserving it - they wouldn't need press offices; their achievements would speak for themselves - but there are no meaningful achievements.
The sad thing is that this stupid story has achieved its objective; that of getting publicity.


Why such an angry looking penguin?