Week In Geek: 18-24 June 2012

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Week In Geek: 18-24 June 2012

London events for people with curious minds.

Monday 18 June

SCIENCE AND ECONOMICS: This month's Science Question Time doesn't have its own Dimblebot, but it does have stimulating debate. The theme for tonight's panel debate at the Institute of Physics is how research can boost the economy. FREE, 6.30pm

VISUALISATION: Can scientific data ever be beautiful? A panel discussion at Imperial's SAF building will explore the cross-overs between science and art. The talk supports an exhibition on similar themes that we'll preview more fully in the days ahead. FREE, 6.30pm

TRANSPORT TWEETS: The IET in Temple holds an evening dedicated to the use of social media by people using transport — all the more interesting now that free wifi is becoming available on the Tube. FREE, 6.30pm

BOOKS: Fiction Lab returns to the Royal Institution to discuss books with scientific themes or scientists as lead characters. Tonight' focus is Breathing on Glass by Jennifer Cryer, with the author in attendance. FREE, 7pm

Tuesday 19 June

SPARK OF LIFE: Learn all about ion channels, proteins that help regulate the electrical activity of the body, at a talk at the Royal Society. FREE, 6.30pm

HUMAN TISSUE AS ART: Do you think it's all good and fine to display bits of the human body as art? Would you donate pieces of yourself? Join a group of artists and biomedical scientists at the Dana Centre to discuss this Frankenart, while gawping at a sculpture made from human teeth. FREE, 7pm

BRIGHT CLUB: This month's cavalcade of comedy and academia is on the theme of "words". Join stand-ups, musicians and cunning linguists at the Wilmington Arms for a night of lexicographical fun. £5, 7.30pm

Wednesday 20 June

DINOSAURS VERSUS COWBOYS: The Grant Museum screens 1969 cult classic The Valley of Gwangi, in which dinosaurs are corralled up and used in circus performances. What could possibly go wrong? The screening is in the JZ Young lecture theatre, followed by a free tour of the museum and glass of wine. FREE, 6.30pm

OLYMPICS: Is the scale and commercial nature of the Olympics ruining the show? Join the discussion at the Bishopsgate Institute tonight, as part of its Capital Games season. £8/£6, 7.30pm

Thursday 21 June

MEDICINE: Learn about the history of attitudes towards AIDS via Wellcome Library's collection of posters. FREE, 3pm

PRETTY PICTURES: Scientific images, from galactic clusters to electron micrographs of flies eyes, are often more striking than any image conjured up on an artist's easel. John Barrow, who's written and lectured extensively on this area, will share some stunners at the Royal Society tonight. If you're particularly interested in the history of scientific imagery, check out the all-day conference that precedes this public talk. FREE, 6pm

MEDAL METALS: Wellcome Collection's late opening focuses on "the elements of the Olympic medals", bronze, silver and gold (and, yes, they do note that bronze isn't actually an element). All kinds of lustrous mayhem is in store, with musical performances, scientific demos and debates. You can also check out the Wellcome Image Awards 2012, which open today. FREE, 7-11pm

DOCUMENTARIES: Open City Docs Fest starts today and runs till 24 June. This documentary film festival, mostly in and around UCL, covers a lot of ground, with short films on all kinds of unusual subjects. This year, it has a particularly strong engineering stand, with films about robotics, inbuilt obsolescence and electric cars. Prices and times vary.

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