Week In Geek: 11-17 June 2012

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Week In Geek: 11-17 June 2012

London events for people with curious minds.

Monday 11 June

MUSIC: Whoever said that you can only learn to be musical while young was talking a complete pile of didgeridoo. So reckons Gary Marcus, who learnt to play guitar as he turned 40. He's at the Dana Centre tonight to discuss musicality with Ian Tucker and David Mead. FREE, 7pm

Tuesday 12 June

SCIENCE SHOWOFF: The monthly quick-fire showcase of science speakers is at the Wilmington Arms tonight. £5 (suggested donation), 7pm

Wednesday 13 June

SPACE: Prof Carolin Crawford gives a Gresham College talk on the dust that lurks in supposedly empty interstellar space. What is it, and how do we know? She'll reveal all at the Museum of London lunctime talk. FREE, 1pm

PARANORMAL: Using what he calls 'anomalistic psychology' Chris French from Goldsmith's College attempts to explain why some people (actually, a majority) believe in weird supernatural stuff. This Science London event takes place upstairs at The Lamb on Lamb's Conduit Street. FREE, 7pm

DEBATE: A Thinking Bob event, this fun debate is on a subject only announced on the night. Turn up to Ye Olde Cock on Fleet Street for some constructive contrarianism. £5, 7pm

Thursday 14 June

IDEAS: Google Campus on Bonhill Street is home to this year's SCAMP conference, a gathering for people who want to hear about "ideas-in-progress, prototypes, experiments and innovation", followed by a BBQ. Expect lots of thinking, talking, nibbling and brain scratching. £120, 9am-6pm

TIME: How do we perceive time? Claudia Hammond will be hoping the time passes quickly for her audience at the Royal Institution tonight. £10, 7pm

QUIZ: Another Thinking Bob geek quiz takes place at Ye Olde Cock in Fleet Street. They have proper buzzers, which normally work. £4, 7pm

BEARDS: Apparently, the Crimean War made a lasting impression on men's facial hair. Find out how and why with a talk from Lucinda Hawksley at the Florence Nightingale Museum tonight. Entry price includes a glass of wine. £10, 7pm

Saturday 16 June

INANIMATE OBJECTS: How is it that mere objects can sometimes elicit strong emotions? A series of talks and puppet performances at Wellcome Collection will explore the idea in an all-day meetup. £20, 10.30am-5pm

MAPS: The London Map Fair returns to the Royal Geographic Society in Kensington. It's your chance to browse and possibly purchase and antique map from the largest such fair in Europe. There will also be a talk about mapping London's buried rivers. FREE, 12-7pm (Sat), 10am-5pm (Sun)

Image from National Galleries Scotland.

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