London Underground Names First Stations For Free Wifi

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London Underground Names First Stations For Free Wifi

80 Tube stations will carry free wifi access just in time for the Olympics, Transport for London confirmed today. The announcement comes after successful testing at Chancery Lane. The BBC's Rory Cellan-Jones yesterday demonstrated the ability to play video on his iPad at Warren Street.

Virgin Media has funded and fitted equipment at platform and ticket hall levels in many central London stations, and a few important suburban locations. All 80 will be free to use until the end of the Paralympics, after which a charge will apply to anyone who's not a Virgin customer.

Here are the pioneering 80:

The firm expect to roll out the wireless to 120 stations (around half the network) by the end of the year.

Because London’s Tube tunnels are so snug, fitting antennae equipment to trains is prohibitively expensive. Wifi will not, therefore, be readily available between stations. We expect this will lead to a phenomenon we'll dub 'gapsurfing', where train passengers with laptops write emails between stations then hit 'send' whenever they reach the invisible radiance at each station.

Last Updated 01 June 2012


Gapsurfing! Love it. You heard it here first.

Dean Nicholas

Bit of historical revisionism going on here... the BBC were keen to boast about sending a "historic" first tweet from a Tube station yesterday -- yet the trial at Charing X has allowed the very same since 2010. Presumably Virgin Media want to scrub from the record any mention of that trial, which was conducted by rivals BT. 


That video of Rory Cellan-Jones - that cannot be Chancery Lane. The displays on the outside of the carriages, it's definitely a new Victoria Line train. It looks far more like Warren Street, which is another one of the stations on the list.

Geoff Marshall

The trial at Charing Cross started in November 2009, i made a much better video that's Rory's about it at the time, here:    I sent a tweet at the time from the platforms of the Bakerloo line.

can confirm that Rory was at Warren Street in his video.
of the 80 stations on that list ... Baker Street is a glaring omission.  very large Zone 1 station, probably considered too complicated to do!

Geoff Marshall

Moorgate also another major Zone 1 station which isn't getting it.  And would be intrigued to see where it says 'Waterloo' if places like even the Waterloo & City line platforms get access too ...

Mark Walley

Slightly puzzled Barbican has wifi. Nice and all, but you can get 3G signal on the platform, so hardly seems the most essential.