In Pictures: Regent Street Welcomes The World Olympic Nations

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In Pictures: Regent Street Welcomes The World Olympic Nations

Regent Street is adorned with 158 Olympic nation flags, hung from 28 crossings, ranging from Oxford Circus all the way down to St James's.

Vexilloligists will have happy times gazing up and identifying which emblems belong where. Shoppers, workers, walkers, and bus passengers may simply marvel at how colourful this busy shopping street now looks on a sunny day.

Photographs from above and below by Gary Cohen.

Last Updated 20 June 2012


Did anyone else notice that they're in alphabetical order?  It was the row with Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Japan and Jordan that gave it away.  Should help a bit in identifying the others!


ha, well spotted!


Why only 158? There are 205 countries that are recognised by the IOC, and all but one participated at the last games


there is no afghan flag assholes


Why there is no Spanish flag there? It should be between South Korea and Sudan... I guess we are not welcome :-(

Dean Nicholas

An Argentine friend also reports that her country's flag is missing from Regent Street... presumably it (and the Afghan and Spanish flags) are on one of the other streets. But why do it alphabetically if they're randomly taking some out and hanging them in other places? 


THERE IS NO FLAG OF TURKEY IN REGENT STREET! With over 80 athletes taking part from Turkey this is insane or someone is baring grudges.


Can someone let me know where the Spain flag is?


The Spanish Flag is down Conduit Street and the Turkish Flag is at the start of Lower Regent Street, just after Piccadilly Circus :)