Film Preview: Looking In, Looking Out

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Film Preview: Looking In, Looking Out

Film meets philosophy at Conway Hall in Holborn this week. Looking In, Looking Out offers "an innovative series of screenings, workshops and talks, in which modern and classic cinema is examined and enjoyed in a philosophical context".

Whenever the word 'philosophy' is bandied about, it's always good to have some concrete examples. Try an examination of responsibility via Spiderman and other Marvel Films. A study of fate and free will is offered by David Niven classic A Matter of Life and Death. Or sign up for a session on the nature of time, invoking Donnie Darko, Terminator and Twelve Monkeys. It's a packed schedule, and were only citing a few of the more mainstream discussions and screenings here. Have a browse through the full programme to get a better idea.

The series kicks off on 28 June with Will Self discussing Mirror, a film he believes is the most beautiful ever made.

Looking In, Looking Out runs 27 June to 5 July. Prices and times vary. @LiLoFestival, Facebook.

Last Updated 26 June 2012